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palm tree and sun in Provencal

History of our hotel

The hotel Le Provençal has been in the family since 1926, almost 100 years. At the time the Provençal was called Pension Freddy. It had about twenty rooms. It's the eastern part of the hotel. It was held by Platon Sylvestre, Alexandra Duchateau’s paternal great-grandfather.

The hotel had a rather "luxury" status according to the postcards found.It's him too who had the towers created in 1932, which are characteristic of the Art Deco period and give its charm to the hotel.

Then it was taken over by Odette Duchateau, who then picked up the western part with her husband Albert, to enlarge the Provençal to 45 rooms. The hotel

owned a "renowned" restaurant since the time of the great-grandfather, which was called Côté Jardin. It was a very family-friendly place where customers, but also Villefranche residents liked to meet. The great-grandmothers lived there until their death in the 1970s.

It was Albert's mother and Odette's, who left around their 100th birthday. When Albert left us,  our dear "Jeannot", the cousin run the hotel with Odette. Also the sisters of Albert where working there. 

Everyone in Villefranche remembers the grandmother's turtle on the restaurant terrace. Today the facade of our hotel is classified as a remarkable heritage monument.

Vintage postcard of the Provencal hotel
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